Alternative International Health Network
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Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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Why Natural Healing?

In actuality, natural healing is the original way rather than the alternative way. It has flourished from the beginning of time through ancient Chinese medicine and is documented throughout the Bible.

Provided by an all-wise Creator, herbs and natural supplements have been used to help the human body heal itself for thousands of years. Millions of people worldwide rely on natural medicines as their primary form of health care. Now, in this country, medical doctors are beginning to look at alternatives, calling it "complementary medicine".

Frustrated with orthodox medicine's failure to cure growing epidemics of allergies, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, environmental illness, lupus, mutant super viruses and more, increasing numbers of people are turning to alternatives. In 1990 Americans spent 13.7 billion dollars for non-conventional health care, most of which was not covered by insurance.

An expanding trend toward a holistic approach to wellness nationally includes:

  • Increased concern about the frightening side effects of surgery and drugs
  • Mounting evidence of the connection between diet and health
  • Increased interest in the body-mind-spirit connection to immunity and wellness
  • Growing clinical confirmation that natural products can help support the body in healing itself

Hours of Operation

All hours are in US/MOUNTAIN Time Zone.
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